Online Maths Videos for Grades 8 to 11.

Grade 8 – Grade 10: Worksheets, memos and past papers included.

GRADE 11: TERM 1 videos available!

BLIKBREIN has been designed to help a student effectively refresh and revise his/her maths. Online maths videos. Each video is specifically prepared to give a learner a summary and big picture of each chapter and/or section. We focus on test and exam specific questions that are syllabus specific. At a fraction of the cost of extra classes you can now have access to a monthly BLIKBREIN subscription for only R100 per month.

ONLY R100 per month!

Try it out! You have a 7 day money back guarantee.

  • Affordable

  • Convenient

  • Syllabus specific

Blikbrein is very helpful for any student who is serious about their maths marks! There is a big variety of example sums.  It really helped me to prepare for my tests and exams. The access to the detailed but summarised videos also saved me a lot of time while studying for my tests and exams. 

Kirsten Lourens

Blikbrein is fantastic! The videos explain everything and thereafter you can work through the worksheet to help you practice and shows you possible tricky questions.

Emma Bekker

My son, Andrew had an online one-on-one Maths session with Heleen Rossouw, his extra Maths tutor for a few years now. The Blikbrein online Tutor platform was easy to navigate and the login and session went without any hiccups. I will recommend making use of this method of tutoring.

Martin Stevens, Stellenbosch

17 August 2020

Martin Stevens